Tips for Taking a Road Trip Vacation

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Tips for Taking a Road Trip Vacation

With the cost of travelling abroad soaring in the recession, a lot more people are exploring their home country and taking road trips in their vehicle, instead of flying.

In countries like America, the price of fuel is so cheap that even driving hours across the country is cheaper that getting one trip on public transport. It is always good to see your own country and there is nothing to be ashamed of if you just want to drive across country instead of travelling abroad.

The only massive expense that you would have would be staying in hotels, but you don’t even have to do that if you choose your vehicle wisely.

Mobile Home

If you were to drive a car, then you would need to pay for hotels. However, if you were to drive a mobile home, then you would just need to pay to enter a camp and you could all sleep in the mobile home.

The cost of a spot on a camp is a lot more affordable than staying in a hotel. It might even be cheaper to stay in a camp for a week, than staying in a hotel for one night.


If you are travelling across the country, you should plan to have a GPS with you. You will only need the zip code of your destination and the GPS will give you turn-by-turn instructions for how to get to your destination.

GPS will take the stress out of travelling because even if you take a wrong turn the GPS will just recalculate a new route for you. It can do this within a few seconds when you are driving, you won’t even have to stop and consult a map.

You can get GPS which will give you live tips about traffic and even warn you when a speed camera is approaching. Some will tell you the position of some police cars so you will know if you are approaching a speed trap.

Having said that, it is important that you still have a map handy just in case you come across an area that is not in the GPS yet, or you have no signal so you can’t connect anyway. If this happens, you will need a map to find a new route.

You will be stressed if you get stuck in the middle of nowhere and you have no idea how to get back on track. You could end up driving miles out of your way until you find a sign that says you have to go back on yourselves. Not to mention that you could be using fuel that you didn’t need to use. This will have connotations for the price of your trip.

Height Sensor

If you are driving through the country and you have no idea what is waiting for you, then you have to use height sensors on your mobile home. Mobile homes are large and you will need to know if there are low hanging hazards on the roads.

You might approach a thin, winding road and you will need the sensor to tell you if the road is too thin. You will probably be able to decide this for yourself, but the sensor will tell you in enough time to change your route. You don’t want to get stuck on the approach to the hazard; holding traffic up until you can turn around.

The cost of a height sensor is a lot more affordable than paying for a motor home to be repaired because you tried to drive under a low bridge.

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